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Hey, am Seethal Rakheesh 37 years old am a teacher by profession Passion: love to cook delicious and healthy food for my family.

How I became confident about myself and healthy: Whether you're 9 or 90, abundant evidence shows exercise can enhance your health and well-being so, I started doing workouts at home but I never felt am healthy and fit so my husband who was a regular member for workouts at XL Athletic Club suggested me and kids to take a look at the club activities And we started attending the workouts by Xl Now it’s my favorite. Daily routine as every day every month it’s a new challenge put up before us and it’s refreshing to do all the workouts in the fresh air under the proper guidance and our motivator Lijo sir helps us to finish all the challenges .thanks a lot to the xl club for making me fit and healthy and for saving my kids from the screen time as they are also addicted to the joyous workouts by XL Athletic Club.

Hai, I am C Dinesh Kumar 36 years old, running Pharmaceutical Business. Passion: Photography, Travelling, and a Gadget lover.

Basically, I am from Palakkad. I came to Thrissur in the year 2002 as a Pharmaceutical Executive for one of the leading Companies in Kerala. Being a fitness enthusiast, I used to jog long routes starting from 2 km to 12 km with one of my friends. After starting my own enterprise in 2010, I got busy with my schedule and used to get little time to look after my health and fitness. It is then in 2016 that Dr. Raghunath introduced me to XL Athletic Club. I joined early morning routines under the guidance of Lijo Sir and have been training under him since then.I enjoyed training under him because the workouts are never monotonous and includes a variety of activities. I regained my fitness and I feel it’s good and used to suggest to others to join

Hi, I'm Dr. Sudar Sreekumar 45yrs. Consultant Neurologist. Passion: Family, Medicine and Sports.

2013 December, when my son Sridhar was 8yrs, I was earnestly looking for an athletic coach for him. We happened to meet Lijo... yes... "The Master Appears When the Student is Ready". It was an ecstatic moment for us when the Olympian accepted to train my son who was just 8yrs! With his professional touch Sridhar soon became 100 mts and 200 mts champion in district and in some state level meets. What impressed me the most in XL Athletic Club is the scientifically designed and customized training to the individual needs. And they are very regular, punctual and happy to train under sun or even during heavy rains! Never they had been harsh... in fact very humble, in spite of great achievements! So, I thought of bringing in my whole family into it. My husband, daughter and I started our fitness training under lijo. What a positive change in our family's health in the past 3yrs! Not only in my family, now I’m able to motivate my patients to take up fitness regimes with lots of confidence ... Every day turns out so energetic after the morning workouts. And I no longer wait for the lift to reach my OPD in 2nd floor... can just run through the steps And each member of the club is a gem! Each one brings in lots of positive energy and inspire each other. It's good to be among such great company. Overall, I can say, being a part of XL athletic club is one of the best things happened to me and my family. Fitness is my style and health...my beauty

Hi, I joined the XL club after watching my son Devanand excel in various workouts which improved his coordination and confidence, I have been in that family since 2015

I love the varieties of fitness programs chartered under the leadership of fitness expert Olympian Lijo sir, the man behind the 'go nature' gymnasium, one of its kind in Thrissur. The exercise routine at Thope ground helps us to breathe fresh and feel fresh and return home with a rejuvenated mind. I also enjoy the lighter moments in between the short break which also boost our spirits. And I’m Karpakam, 47, a homemaker by profession and my deep passion is ‘This Life'.

Hi, Shaju P Davis here. 53 years., A businessman by profession. Passion: family and everything.

It was in 2016 that I got to know about XL athletic club and from then I started searching on it. I had very good responses from others and finally I decided to join. Right now, when I look back at the past years, I feel blessed to be a part of it. I have been to many workouts, but none brought a change in me. After being under our own Olympian Lijo David Thottan’s instruction I have been regular to the work outs and also perfectly fit. Let me just take a moment to thank him for providing us with the best instruction. The best part of the club is the members in it. We aren’t friends but a family. Trillions of memories and more. Infact this would one of the best things that happened to me for the past few years. Last but not least this is a true blessing indeed

I'm, Dr. Balumohan, consultant neurosurgeon in days hospital., Thrissur., 44 yr

I'm an avid sports follower and follows almost all sports from childhood. Due to busy schedule and some health issues, I was feeling down in2013.then I came to know about lijo sir and XL academy and decided to give it a try. What I really like is different regimes which keep on changing and individual attention given to all the open-air feel is different from what you get in gym. I had a dramatic improvement in my fitness and all my minor fitness issues disappeared. And we have a fantastic group here, so each one looking forward to the mornings.

I’m Dr. Rakheesh consultant Pediatrician and Deputy Medical Spdt. Daya Hospital .

I used to walk before with my friends circle in Thrissur moderate walking but Pediatric Practice though I love kids happy to be like kids at times we go through Stress also and felt my Blood Pressure shooting up yes it was the beginning Until Dr. Ullas cardiologist at Daya Hospital Prescribed me this dose of morning workouts at Lijo’s XL Academy initially thought jogging may be a difficult task but since I joined here there was no looking back by god’s Grace I have halved my dose of Antihypertensive medication as well as planning to stop and now able to jog 4 to 6 km daily with ease I have improved my fitness level and most important My Endurance to new high and apart from regular jog we are exposed to variety of exercises daily and most important our fitness group where motivation is not an issue I am glad I could make my wife Sheetal and kids experience this fitness Dose and have joined me In this XL Academy and we are proud we are trained by Ex. Olympian Lijo Thottan whose tips of Running and exercises schedule has become a part of our daily Routine

Hai, I am Nimesh, 43 yrs. Businessman . Passion: My passion is theater and sports

How a healthy group can make a day strong and hopefull, Is what the experience I get from xl athletic club . That’s why xl is the part of my life.

Hi Friends, Am Sagar, 42 yrs. of age and I am into wholesale distribution of gold jewelers.

I have known Lijo sir through my associate Tony Manjaly. I have few health issues like BP and diabetes; for which I joined XL athletic Club 3 yrs. ago. But l discontinued after one month. I realized that was a mistake, for I found out that I couldn’t even walk 400 mt. and to top it I am ailing from mild diabetes for last 15 days. I am not giving up on myself and as you say Slow n steady wins the race; I have rejoined XL and started jogging slowly. Now I am able to do 10 laps of 400m, taking small breaks in between. By God’s grace things are shaping up and I want to continue and make it a lifelong commitment. A special thanks to Lijo sir for guiding me throughout. One more thing that I want to specially mention is Melvin and the lovely staff of our XL group, who have been motivating me throughout. My ultimate goal is to break the record of Dr. Balu sir

Myself.... P. A. SAJAN.. 47 yrs. old. Typical Thrissurian... hails from small village Kodannur.

just 10 km away from Swaraj round... for the past 15 yrs. living near Jubilee Mission Hospital. Thrissur is my birthplace. My breath and soul.... took education from here and now it's my working space also... Civil Engineer by profession doing construction and design works in and around Thrissur. have two sons in 11th and 4th standard. both studying in Devamatha CMI Public School Thrissur... wife Preethi. teacher working at Vadankencherry, and regarding my passion, hobbies... its known to all including kids... it has been picturized by our late great Padmararajan Sir in Thuvanathumbikal... he named me as Jayakrishnan in the movie. A native Thrissurian....and unlike all other members I am doing heavy physically strainful job in scorching heat and in heavy rains...so I felt no necessity for these kinds of workouts.....my new gen elder son who seems to be chubby and sedentary is behind the twist in my life....I decided to engage him in some health clubs.. but seeing all the health clubs... having loud music, and cool air conditioner and executive trainers I felt suffocation... then we decided to go to Thope stadium for walking... there we witnessed different mode of training... running and all the physical exercise which is required to attain fitness of the body... then I requested Lijo sir to train my son Nehal... I watched all their activities as a bystander. running 5 rounds was a surprise for my son... later in order to give company to him, I joined the group.... that helped me to measure my strength...it was an eye opener to me...standing and walking in sunlight all day... doesn't mean fitness... here we do something else... each day we sleep, dreaming the surprise waiting for us in the next morning workouts... we are not building muscles here... we are creating strength. inner happiness... taking challenges in fresh air... it’s just like a Sathyan Anthikad movie... family, story, humor, everything is there... our Lijo Sir as the master director... sometimes we enjoy partying..... then it will be a Goutham Vasudev Menon movie... we all are dancing and singing to the tunes of Harris Jayaraj...again Lijo sir as our master director... my friends once poked me... u have been there for 2 years... Have u developed muscles? Have u got six pack?? ... I replied to them... no dears... I only developed GNH... the word fascinated me last year, came from our neighboring Bhutan King's mouth...who belong to a small country... our Indian media enquired him regarding Gross domestic Product (GDP) of his country... he told that... we don't measure GDP... instead we measure GNH.... Gross national happiness... just like that we don't measure our muscles... we run...but don’t create achievements. we are all growing older day by day... We want to be happy all the time... We excel to achieve happiness every time... with our pain, dedication, commitments... if we all are happy through XL Athletic Club... it means fulfilling a dream...a dream of an Olympian... our beloved Lijo sir & team...

Kaderesh, Fitness is all about body mind and soul ...

Keeping these three activated required immense support and motivation and that’s what XL academy and lijo sir has helped me achieve ... Starting from personalized guiding to professional advisory he and his team showed me immense support continuously for the last 5 years...and I can surely say that his assistants have a huge role to play in the academy’s success Being a businessman hailing from a small town such as Thrissur where health consciousness was a myth XL academy has caused a huge transformation here ...so many don’t really understand the importance of physical activities and how it supports mental well-being ...the transformation brought to me by XL academy has made me healthy both inside and out ...and left ppl around me completely in awe of my transformation... My course of being active throughout the day to how I handle the stress of the challenging environment is all influenced by my health and I realized how important it is to maintain it and ever since I’ve had that realization 5years ago I’ve actively been a proud member of the academy and will always remain to be one